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Dairy is one of the fastest growing sectors in the Middle East which is witnessing an explosive population growth rate combined with higher standards of living. Consequently dairies have stepped up their efforts in both modernizing equipment along with increasing production capacity. A couple of large dairies have reached significant production capacity, exceeding and surprising the traditional diary producing countries of the world.

The largest dairies partner with ICS!

ICS has been involved in dairy equipment for the last decade by supplying high capacity and high quality dairy equipment from North America.

Our equipment supplier Kirby manufacturing in California has been well known in the Middle East for over two decades. About 50 large dairy machines are working within various large dairies in the Arabian Gulf and Nile valley region.

The range of mixing and feeding equipment includes mobile truck mounted and trailer mounted mixers of up to 40 cubic meters, mobile feed delivery wagons, stationary mixers with conveyors.

All the mixers are equipped with highly precise and reliable scales than can be combined with most standard dairy software programs popular in the world today. On the higher end, the dairy feeding section manager can monitor, from his office, the hourly work rate and efficiency of each machine and operator using the data transfered by radio from the equipment.

High capacity, reliable components, sturdy build make the Kirby equipment the first choice in dairy feeding operations for large professional dairies.


Besides Kirby we work with Haybuster who supplies both electrical and stationary grinders for grinding tough and long fiber hay such as Rhodes grass with or without grain for the feed mixes.

Why choose ICS

Our technicians visits the dairies often to check and solve problems as dairy operations are crucial and can’t wait too long for technical help or parts. We have invested in a significant amount of spare parts to make this business run smoothly to the benefit of ICS and its dairy customers.

ICS Engineers starting up new feeding equipment machine in NADEC Dairy, the second largest dairy in KSA

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