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Papaya: from field to plate, two productive varieties

F1 Horizon: outstanding trees for abundant harvest!

Papaya F1 Horizon Horizon is a hybrid variety, with large fruits (around 2 kg), perfectly suitable for local markets but also exportable, due to good shelf-life qualities. This variety is successfully grown in more than 10 African countries, with tropical dry, humid or equatorial climates, with outstanding results, compared to variety grown usually.

Orchards are healthy, uniform and very productive, thanks to following specificities:

  • Variety with good field behaviour in small farms or intensive crops
  • Trees are dwarf with strong trunk : first fruit set height at 60 cm
  • Productive : no male tree, more than 30 fruits per tree at first campaign
  • Resistant to PRSV (Papaya RingSpot virus)
  • Quality of harvest : very sweet red-orange flesh fruits (brix 13%) with long shelf life.

Amazone: papaya solo type zero fault for small producers

Papaya Amazone is a premium standard variety adapted to local and export markets. Seeds are rigorously selected and they guarantee you an optimal germination rate. All trees bear fruits (only hermaphrodite and female tree). Production is continuous with attractive fruits :

  • Good fruit uniformity with average weight 400 to 550 grams
  • Nice round (female tree) or pear shape (hermaphrodite tree)
  • Excellent gustative quality : very aromatic flesh, orange –red, soft and very sweet (brix 15%).

Papaya FI Horizon

The partner of your farming projects in Africa & the Middle East