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Egypt Lies in the north eastern corner of the African continent, hot dry summers and mild winters characterize Egypt's climate, where rainfall is very low, irregular and unpredictable.
The Nile River is the main source for irrigation and ground water.
The land area available for agriculture is determined by annual climate and water availability.

In Egypt, ICS works on large projects as well as with farmers to identify and realize opportunities to increase their return on investment.
Thus we help projects either globally as consultants or by supplying the proper agricultural machinery and seeds.

We analyze our client's projects needs and supply solutions in the prospective of their sustainable development.

Outstanding service is why you can rely on ICS as a long-term partner

As in all operating countries, our local team in Egypt carries out various services:

Plegamatic equipment

Alfalfa harvest in Egypt

Plegamatic equipment

Major crops

Wheat, Rice, Corn, Beans, Sugar beet, Sugar cane, Alfalfa, Potatoes, Onions, Peanuts and Cotton.

Monosem planter

ICS agronomists studying the planting of a sugar beet crop in Egypt

Monosem planter

Agri-Equipment available for large projects in Egypt

Monosem planters,
Väderstad seeders,
Väderstad soil preparation equipment,
Caruelle Boom sprayer,
Forage equipment (Plegamatic, Tonutti, Falc, Fella ),
Depietri for harvesting grasses
and Moreau for sugar beet.

Harvesting Sugar beet in Egypt with ICS

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