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Onion Seeds by ICS for Profitable Crops

Onions are one of the most important vegetables of the world after Potatoes, Yams and Tomatoes. Of all onion types those most produced and consumed are dry bulb onions (Allium Cepa L).

Onions are a shallow-rooted, biennial monocot. They have multiple layers of thick, dark, papery skin. Storage onions have a higher percentage of solids than non-storage varieties and they are usually rich in sulphur containing compounds, which gives them a characteristic pungent odor. Both the growing and storage environments can affect onions pungency which tends to increase with higher temperatures and longer storage.

Onions are described as short, intermediate or long day types. The long day varieties need 15 hours or more of daylight and the short day varieties 12 hours or less for proper bulb formation and the intermediate somewhere in between. Onions can be produced from seed, seedlings or sets, although planting from seed is the most common and efficient method.
Storage onions can be stored for up to eight months depending on storage conditions and onion type.

As ICS operates in many countries from the Mediterranean & middle east countries to most African countries, we sell all day length types and colours suitable for different countries according to their preferences.

Years of experience and trials with very good genetics has enabled ICS to achieve high yielding varieties, storage varieties, varieties suitable for off-season planting, among other factors, for most countries in which we operate.

Below is the list of varieties sold now commercially in ICS territories.

Short Day Onions

Red Hybrid varieties

  • Mata Hari or Icaro F1 : Excellent deep red color, large to jumbo bulb size
  • Red Star
  • Bingo
  • Red Vega
  • Violet de Galmi
  • Red Creole

Yellow Hybrid varieties

  • Rio Bravo F1 : very uniform with a strong root system – excellent adaptability
  • Primo

White Early Hybrid varieties

  • Milky Way F1 : strong plant with high adaptability – attractive round shape
  • White Grano
  • White Creole

Intermediate Day Onions

Standard red varieties

  • Red Amposta
  • Red Ruby : Ultra-early and vigorous onion. High yield potential. For the fresh vegetable market.
  • Balajo : mid season variety, with good external and internal coloration, well developed skins. Medium storage

Long Day Onions

Late variety White Hybrid

  • F1 Cometa : brings outstanding onion yields and has very good storage capacity

Besides the above several other onions are in trial stage to replace older varieties with better ones.

Please contact us for varieties required in your region by giving details of local conditions to help us select a variety that will work best for you.

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