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The fast growing world population has an increasing demand for fruits, nuts and olives every year. The price increase of some fruits and nuts worldwide are proof of this shortage and higher demand. Besides population growth, the increasing quality and standards of living in third world countries are encouraging healthy food habits which are pushing the demand even further.

Consequently, newer production regions in the world, such as the Middle East and North Africa, are attempting to produce new crops and increase the production areas of old crops thus pushing the limits of orchard cultivation beyond that of the past. This calls for more know-how in varieties, horticultural knowledge, equipment for seeding/planting, cultivation, shredding, fertilizing and spraying, harvesting, logistics and post-harvest.

ICS recommends Caruelle-Nicolas machines

Orchards Atomiser in Ethiopia

ICS recommends Caruelle-Nicolas machines

ICS has been actively involved in providing the correct equipment for each type of orchard crop by selecting the best equipment suited for the purpose and obtaining partnership agreements with world-popular brands.

Recently we signed up with Pellenc for their labour saving Power tools for increased productivity in the orchard environment, along with small and large olive harvesting machines for Saudi Arabia.

Some of these useful tools are Pellenc’s Lithium ion Battery powered Olivion (olive rakes for manual harvesting), Treelion Pruning shears for pruning in orchards, Selion (chain saws of various lengths on telescopic poles), Helion (for orchards and landscaping), Fixion (typing machine) for grapes, Lixion (light weight pruner for grapes) and Cultivion the weeder among others.

The Pellenc shakers, both tractor mounted and self propelled, that revolutionized olive harvesting in Spain and the newly developed tractor pulled olive harvester, for super intensive plantations, are changing the way the olives are harvested in Saudi Arabia.

To summarize, we supply equipment for any of your needs as listed below:
Weed management, Mechanical pruning, field shredding, Fertilizing, row mulching, Mechanical harvesting, Fruit handling and transportation, Grading lines, Wood chipping & grinding, Composting and treatment application equipment.

Vine atomiser in Ethiopia

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