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LANDINI, the right design for African market: a simple and robust tractor!

ICS’s branch in Sudan, FRENTEC is proud to introduce the new exclusive dealership for LANDINI in Sudan.

LANDINI designs and builds an extensive range of efficient and high-performance tractors, Italian made, which are very well known all over the world and especially in Africa.
LANDINI supplies a wide range of tractors from 75 to 135 HP, with or without cab, 2 or 4 wheels drive according to the client needs. ICS supplies different models such as the 7500, 9500, Landforce and Landpower.
Purchase a LANDINI tractor and you will take advantage of a reliable, easy to use and high-performance machine.
All tractors are equipped with:
  • A mechanical gearbox
  • A Perkins engine made in the UK

This robust tractor is the best to operate with land preparation, planting and forage harvesting operations.
Frentec team will be running demonstration all over Sudan to demonstrate the quality and reliability of such machines.

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502.05 hectares in 24 hours: new world record!

On April 11-12th 2017, Väderstad Tempo set a new world record for most hectares maize planted within 24 hours. By having planted 502.05 hectares with high precision and a speed over 20km/h, the high-speed planter Väderstad Tempo have proved its enormous capacity.

In sub-Saharan rainfed areas where the optimum sowing window is very narrow, ICS has identified the Väderstad Tempo planter as the best tool for the job. Perfectly suited to the sowing of corn, sunflower, sorghum, soy and cotton, it allows to reach outstanding yields.

Please, feel free to contact our team for more info

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Baling corn silage has started in Sudan!

There are many advantages in baling corn silage :
corn silage has a very high feeding value and allows higher productivity in animal production.
Baling corn silage enables to export it from your farm to dairy farms and feedlots.

This is a new cash crop to integrate into your crop rotation!

At ICS, we can assist you with the entire process from harvesting to baling and handling. Corn silage production and silage baling requires a very good logistic and we can assist you in this matter as well.

We can also supply Very High UV treated silage film to keep a high corn silage feed value. Indeed, Sudan conditions are extreme (heat, wind, sun, sand storms), and because silage requires anaerobic conditions, we have selected for you the best silage film.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for your silage project!

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Rhodes Grass & harvesting equipment: a highly conclusive demonstration!

In early February, our Sudanese subsidiary carried out a harvest demonstration at SOBA on a gravity irrigated Rhodes Grass crop.

With two CLAAS TALOS 230 (87hp, 4WD) tractors, a CLAAS Disco 2750 mower (2.7m cutting width), and a Claas Liner 370 (3.7m working width), the result was a great success. The ease of use of these machines, the working speed and the forage cutting quality totally convinced our customers. So much so that they confirmed orders for the machines during the demonstration!

For Rhodes grass growers who have very large areas cultivated under pivot irrigation, we recommend the use of a trailed Disco 3150 TC or combined Disco 8500 + 3200F mowers.
Do not hesitate to consult our experts to choose the most suitable forage harvesting solution for your needs.

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The 2017 Khartoum International Fair: remarkable machines!

ICS and its Sudanese subsidiary Frentec were present at the international fair in Khartoum at the end of January 2017. And what a success! We had the pleasure of receiving many guests who were impressed by both our booth and the new machines on display. Among the agricultural equipment which attracted the greatest interest were:
- the TALOS 230, 87hp 4WD tractor;
- Silage harvesting machines from our supplier CLAAS, who is world leader with 54% of market share.
Don't hesitate to contact us if you need to set up a silage production project.

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ICS Introduces the first ever trailed Olive harvester from Pellenc to Saudi Arabia​

Last November ICS introduced the first ever trailed Pellenc Olive harvester to Saudi Arabia. Super high density olive cultivation (super intensive) calls for full mechanization of harvesting and due to increases in the surface of this type of crop here, needs the best quality harvesters.

Trailed Olive harvester from PellencDue to known limitations of self-propelled harvesters, Pellenc decided to improve the capacity of their machines to be able to work with larger trees, higher forward speed and cleaner harvesting with lower damage. The machine thus designed is able to harvest trees up to 4.5m high. Longer by design and with dual shaking zones also helps to increase the forward speed of the machine. By designing a superior machine, the towed olive harvester CV5045, Pellenc has pulled well ahead of its competitors.

The first machine in Saudi Arabia was imported by a customer called AlJuraid farm who have a total count of 250,000 trees from 3 to 5 years old. They are situated in Maiqua in Busaita, AlJouf. The customer didn’t prune the trees beforehand thus the operation was challenging. The tree size was larger than usually found in super high intensive cultivation. However the customer was surprised to find it worked with relative ease on these larger trees where a competitors machine had failed to work earlier.

The customer was satisfied with hourly and daily output of the machine. Higher forward speed, clean collection of the olives from lower and higher branches due to pneumatic conveyors, minimum damage to the trees, minimum breakage of shaker rods and reduced overall cost per ha.

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Forage: ICS in the spotlight with new mowing equipment

In September 2016, we launched a CLAAS Disco 8500 C Contour mower, combined with a CLAAS Axion 820 230 HP tractor, and a Claas Disco 3200 FC front mower, both mowers being equipped with flail conditioners. The result surpassed our expectations, with a working width of 8m, and a mowing speed of up to 22km / h in sorghum forage!

These mowers combined in this manner are also perfectly suited to the harvesting of Lucerne, Rhodes Grass, and many other forage crops!

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Maize silage: CLAAS acquires SHREDLAGE technology

GLOBAL forage harvesting technology giant, CLAAS, has acquired the complete intellectual and marketing rights for the innovative SHREDLAGE maize silage process. SHREDLAGE was developed over the past decade by two U.S. dairy nutritionists, Roger Olsen and Ross Dale, who recognised the need to develop a more efficient silage process suitable for high-ratio forage diets.

The process intensively processes both the kernel and ‘long chop’ stalk using two specially-designed LOREN CUT rollers that fit into the MULTI CROP CRACKER (MCC-L) processor found in CLAAS JAGUAR forage harvesters. CLAAS V-MAX V20 and V-CLASSIC V24 chopping cylinders are used to produce a chop length of 26 to 30 mm, about 10 mm longer than conventional silage. The two LOREN CUT rollers, which have 110 and 145 teeth set in opposing spiral grooves and with a 50 per cent speed differential, break the kernels to a fraction of their normal size while simultaneously shredding the stalks into planks and strings.

CLAAS acquired the international distribution rights for the technology last year for use in its industry-leading range of JAGUAR forage harvesters. CLAAS Greenline Group Product Manager, Luke Wheeler, says the process significantly improves the availability and digestibility of starch and fibre by exposing the inner cells of the kernels and stalks to microbial activity in the rumen.

“University studies have shown small but significant improvements in dry matter intake, digestibility and milk production,” he says. “In addition, the rumen-friendly silage structure is believed to improve the health of cows. The need to supplement with other fibre sources, such as straw, can also be reduced or even eliminated, producing even greater savings.”

Thanks to this new acquisition by CLAAS, ICS is now able to offer you the state of the art in silage harvesting and maximize your animal productivity !

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CLAAS: the choice of excellence

In order to fully understand the the evolution of the latest products in the CLAAS range, and choose the machines and options best suited to the needs of our customers, in June we visited the CLAAS factories where they are manufactured: tractors (Le Mans / France), balers ( Metz / France), forage harvesters (Bad Saulgau / Germany), forage harvesters and combine harvesters (Harzewinkel / Germany).
On those occasions, we saw the highest standards of work being done on the production lines, faultless quality control and the commitment of CLAAS staff during the entire production process.
We also noted the remarkable development work done on the CLAAS tractor range (75 hp to 500 hp) and the forage harvester line which is now perfectly adapted to the needs of our alfalfa and rhodes grass customers in Africa and the Middle East:

  • the new combined mowers from the range with 8 to 11 meter working widths and with the new DISCO Maxcut cutter bar which increases operating speed while retaining good cutting quality;
  • the new square bale presses, Quadrant 5200 and 5300, which can now achieve very high pressing density at higher speeds, while reducing wasted twine.

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Nunhems rewards ICS-Canahill for long-term and successful partnership

ICS has been working with Nunhems BV, part of Bayer CropScience over two decades and this partnership has been going from strength to strength. On the occasion of 100th year of Bayer establishment, Nunhems is privileged to recognize its best performing partners with an award.

The 2015 was an exceptional year for ICS in the marketing of Nunhems Onion hybrids. Thus Nunhems chose to award ICS-Canahill, local partner of ICS in Saudi Arabia with a certificate recognising the current achievement and long standing good relations.

ICS thanks Nunhems and CropScience for this recognition.

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6th edition of seeds market in Sikasso, Mali : our Horizon Papaya presented

As a member of the Mali Seed Association since the beginning of 2015, ICS AGRI Mali attended the 6th edition of the Seeds Market Show in Sikasso last May. The various actors of the agricultural sector were involved in this major event : cooperatives, NGO, researchers, state structures and of course numerous professional Malian farmers.

During these intense 3 days, ICS AGRI Mali presented the SEMADONIS seeds range in particular the flagship dwarf papaya F1 HORIZON and hybrid onions with long shelf-life (yellow onion F1 Guadalupe and red onion F1 Red King).

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ICS bought out Martineau Irrigation

Irrigation is one of ICS' main activities, especially for turnkey projects for Africa and Middle East. By buying out Martineau Irrigation, ICS enhances its capacity to provide adapted solutions to its customers, as the company is amoung the best specialists of irrigation systems in France for agriculture, industry and land gardening.

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