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The ICS selection of row crop planters

for agriculture in Africa and Middle-East regions

For corn, sunflower, cotton, peanuts, sorghum, soy or beans, we offer the choice of two different manufacturers, depending on your needs in productivity and technology.

Monosem: Reliable planters, simple and suitable for all conditions

We have supplied Monosem pneumatic seed drills for many years to Africa and the Middle East.

Our choice of pneumatic drills are the following:

  • NG+4 for planting in prepared soils.
  • NX2 for direct drilling (no tillage), thanks to elements with higher ground pressure and debris deflectors combined with seperated discs allowing planting in the presence of significant residues

Corn planting in Sudan with the NX2 Monosem precision seed drill

These drills are available from 4 to 18 rows, and can be equipped with different options:

  • Disk or shoe fertilizer input.
  • Micro pelletizers for insecticides or starter fertilizers.
  • Pro wheels for more accurate seed spacing.
  • Monoshox EU shock absorbers for higher productivity.
  • Double row "Twin Row" system for increasing the sowing density for some crops to increase their yields (corn silage, peanuts, beans

These drills allow planting & sowing at working speeds between 6 and 9km / h, depending on the options selected and the quality of tillage. They are also suitable for planting very small seeds such as Sesame.

Corn planting in Ethiopia with the NG+4 Monosem precision seed drill

Väderstad Tempo: a revolution in planting

The Väderstad "Tempo" planter now enables quality planting at very high speeds (up to 18km/hr!). This is a real revolution in this field.

In rainfed agriculture in areas in which we operate, the planting date is key to achieving high yield potential. Planting should be done as soon as possible after the first rains, so that the crop can benefit from a maximum of rainfall throughout the growing cycle.

With productivity 2 to 3 times that of other planters, Tempo enables precise and accurate planting of crops, and limits investments or costs: number of drills, fewer tractors and drivers, etc

Sunflower planting in Sudan with the Tempo seed drill

A unique seed selection system

This high working speed is possible thanks to its unique seed selection system: the Gilstring Seed Meter (named after its creator).

Its pressurised seed selection system (not depression as in the majority of competitor seed drills), combined with a rubber press wheel located just after the seed ejection tube, greatly reduces vibration problems at high speed, and maintains regular distance between seeds.

Real-time control of planting quality

The Gilstring Seed Meter is driven by electric motors, and managed by the Väderstad high-performance control station (similar to that of Rapid drills) allowing quick adjustment of seed density and immediate visualisation, on the screen, of sowing quality for every row: gaps and duplications are displayed instantly. So adjustment of the drill is greatly simplified and planting errors highly limited.

The tempo is available in different versions:

Tempo F trailed:

  • 6-8 rows with 70 to 80 cm row spacing
  • Large capacity fertilizer hopper

Tempo R (Rigid) three point linkage mount:

  • 4-12 rows 45-80 cm between the rows
  • Small capacity fertilizer hopper up to 7 rows

Tempo T mounted with telescopic wings:

  • 6 and 7 rows, 50 to 80 cm row spacing
  • Small or medium fertilizer hopper


Tempo can also be equipped with different options:

  • Micro granulators
  • Row cleaner
  • Elevated air intake for dusty conditions
  • Different wheels to close the furrows (wide, spiked)

Planting on ridges

In many African countries, irrigation is traditionnaly done using surface irrigation systems. The crop is sown in rows (about 80cm) on ridges and water flows between them in the channels thus formed.

Sowing therefore must retain the shape of the ridges without crushing them, otherwise irrigation is impossible.

ICS, in cooperation with Monosem, has developed a combination drill with ridger. Ridging and planting are done in one pass, which saves time, but also allows more accurate planting because the sowing units are perfectly positioned on top of the ridges.

The seed drill used is the Monosem NC planter, which has light but robust elements and a wide tamping wheel that limits the soil pressure and prevents damage to the ridges.

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