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Onsite Set-up and Training

Machinery setup by ICS at no extra cost!

Almost all equipment sold by ICS is commisioned by an ICS technician on site.

Almost all agricultural machinery and equipment supplied by ICS, from seed drills up to irrigation pivots, are commissioned in the field by our own technicians. They are able to mount the machines, train operators for their use and maintenance.

Unlike some manufacturers who invoice substantial costs in commissioning (related to their own air travel and other accommodation costs), ICS does not charge a fee for setup and the commissioning of the equipment we sell. The corresponding costs are usually covered by a portion of the margin and faith in your further regular business.

Modern agricultural machinery must be shipped disassembled, especially during transfer by sea. They must therefore imperatively be commissioned by specialist qualified staff with expertise in: assembly, field testing and fine tuning. In regions where logistics do not allow on-site assembly, the machines are prepared in the nearest town and then transported by truck.

All of these elements contribute significantly to eliminating import difficulties and the commissioning of machinery required for your project.

ICS technician training customers on how to adjust Monosem NC planter - Egypt
ICS technician training customers on how to adjust Monosem NC planter - Egypt

We train your teams in the optimal use of your agricultural machinery!

In your teams language

Without proper training, farmers can not exploit the full potential of the latest generation of agricultural machinery.

In countries where we work, most large machines are assembled by senior technicians accompanied by an engineer himself trained to perform the training of technicians, managers and operators. This training takes place in their own language.

Ongoing training of our teams

Like in any industry, mechanization of agriculture is changing rapidly including the integration of new technologies into old generation equipment. Some changes require carrying out in factory training for setup and commisioning of the upgraded and new technologies being implemented. This is why we regularly train our own technicians and engineers before they intervene in turn farms. In addition, factory training of your own teams may also be offered as part of major agricultural investments or for large private farms.

Manufacturing partners

Major manufacturers such as Vaderstad, Claas, Caruelle-Nicolas to name a few, also often send their own highly skilled technicians to reinforce the expertise developed by ICS and ensure startup and optimal use of their equipment.

Warranty and Service

Equipment sold by ICS generally benefits from a one year warranty. ICS technicians are always available during and after the warranty period.

All centers have spare parts in stock and the ICS team is at your disposal for your spare part orders throughout the season.

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