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Turf Grass Seeds

In order to complement our seed business, ICS introduced turf grass seeds from Jacklin seeds to the range several years ago.

Over the years both new customers and areas have been added due to our continuous supply of high quality varieties that suit the hot arid Middle East region and thanks to the efforts of the ICS team.

A wide range of turf grass seeds that suit various geographic regions

Jacklin seeds have a wide range of seeds that suit various geographic regions, be it central arid dry regions or, coastal hot and humid regions. Strong research and development has helped Jacklin to bring out several suitable varieties that were tested and adapted to the region.

Jacklin seeds have suitable varieties for golf, football or other professional sporting turf, for this reason several of the regions’ best golf courses and football stadiums use these varieties.

The popular varieties for golf links include Perennial Rye grass grass blends such as MedGold (a blend of four top varieties: Accent, Caddieshack, Monterey II & Top gun) and Daytona (a blend of Advent, Top gun & Monterey), Bermuda seeds such as Alpha & L-93 and Chewing fescues such as J-5 are for football fields among others.

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