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Created by Jean-François Martin 30 years ago, ICS has built its consulting and supplier experience in contact with and on behalf of Agri-Holdings and large scale farms in Africa, the Arab countries and Madagascar.

Interview of the CEO

Irrigation control is the basic approach that has enabled the implementation of potato or wheat crops in the Algerian desert, corn and onion in Arabia, alfalfa in Sudan and sugar beet in Egypt...

Operating in highly competitive environments, ICS has built lasting trust with agro-holding firms in these regions.
Considering the farm as a whole, its experts are able to assess the feasibility of projects and size the investment required for their success.

Genuine partner of its customers, ICS associates the providing of efficient equipment and adapted seeds with onsite coaching and training of field and technical teams.

A team of ICS field agronomists in an Alfalfa Crop in Sudan

ICS, the leading partner for investors in more and more countries

The group now has over 70 employees, including forty in ten producing countries. The largest team is now in Khartoum (Sudan), with 17 people. ICS sends bills in more than 50 countries.

In January 2012, ICS bought the French company Martineau, irrigation specialists. Martineau's design department is able to perform all systems studies and sizing needs, both for pumping and for water distribution.

ICS has acquired company Martineau Irrigation
ICS has acquired company Martineau Irrigation

Operating under a Steering Committee, a new generation is in place to ensure the sustainability and development of the ICS company. Sudan is a good example of an expansion that was thought impossible just a few years ago.

ICS is now in a position to be the technological partner of projects in new countries such as Ethiopia and Senegal...

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