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Tomato Varieties

Resistant hybrid tomatoes: the key to success.

ICS team develops varieties of tomatoes which are TYLCV resistant (tomato yellow leaf curl virus) and heat tolerant.

Some of our varieties are also resistant to bacterial wilt (Ralstonia solanacearum), nematodes (Meloidogyne incognita) and TSWV (Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus).

TYLCV disease may lead to severe yield reductions up to the total loss of the crop in the case of an early attack. Beside using a resistant variety, it is recommended to have a protected nursery and to limit the population of white flies with effective insecticide treatments.

Our branch-office FRENTEC brings to Sudanese farmers three hybrid varieties of open-field tomatoes, which are TYLCV resistant :

  • Tomato TRD11: our leader hybrid variety, with good productivity, higher fruit weight (100-110 grams) and resistance to TSWV (tomato spotted wilt virus).
  • Tomato GAMDA: superior heat tolerance and extra-firm fruits.
  • Tomato SAMRA: superior heat tolerance and excellent fruit quality.

Selected varieties for each use

The ICS team accompanies you whatever your project:

  • Tomato for industrial processing: tomato paste, dried tomatoes
  • Open-field tomato for the fresh fruit market – with good transportation resistance and long shelf-life
  • Specific varieties: cherry or mini-tomatoes, yellow tomatoes, cluster tomatoes.

High brix varieties for industrial processing

F1 Sora is a processing variety reaching a brix of 5.1. This variety has an excellent behaviour in hot and humid conditions, thanks to its tolerance to bacterial wilt (Ralstonia Solanacearum). Fruits are very firm at harvest, so the fruits can be also sold in fresh market. Tomato F1 Sora has been successfully grown in Ivory Coast.

Within the framework of your agro-industrial project, the ICS team can also advise and supply you:

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