ICS in Senegal

Conditions that favour investments

Senegal has many strengths and great potential for development in agriculture:

  • Political stability
  • Very favorable oceanic climate on the coastal strip
  • Large reserves of water
  • Different soil types adapted to different crops
  • Good geographic location for exporting to Europe

The sector is currently under development. However, its own needs are still well above local production levels.

ICS technician checking an irrigation system in Senegal

First establishment in 2009

It is in this context that ICS was established locally in 2009. The first ICS project was developed in Casamance on 500 hectares.

ICS provided all materials for the production of corn, sunflower and rice in a gravity irrigation system.

ICS: diversified activity adapted to different production systems

Priority development areas for ICS are between Dakar, Thies, St. Louis, Richard Toll and Lake Guiers.
We work in these areas with all Senegalese and foreign agro-industrial groups.
Production is mostly for the local market but also for export to Europe (sweet corn, cherry tomatoes, beans, melons, mangoes ...)


Crops are diverse. In addition to those discussed above, we intervene in grain corn farms, corn silage, onions, potatoes, peanuts, sesame, rice, alfalfa, etc ...


Irrigation systems are designed to meet individual needs: one finds both drip irrigation and pivots.


For several years, we have also developed our range of vegetable seeds under the Semadonis® brand with many varieties adapted to the local market and Senegalese conditions.

As in all countries in which we operate, we strive to be close to the producers, so to understand the issues and challenges they face in order to propose the best solutions.

ICS has a sales office in Dakar and a technical office in St. Louis.


ICS subsidiary in Senegal

BP 24908 Poste de Ouakam
Sacré-Cœur 3
Villa N°9354 SICAP

Dakar - Senegal

Phone : (+221) 33 827 88 11

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