ICS in Algeria

An increasing need for modern agriculture

With close to 30 years of experience in agriculture in arid and semi-arid areas, ICS has easily fit into the Algerian region.

In this country, mechanized agriculture is in full development and is draining the attention of an increasing number of investors.

The development of pivot agriculture in the South

ICS works mainly in the South regions of the country (Ghardaïa area, Ouargla, El Menea - Adrar). We are the main supplier of seeds and agricultural machinery for the large corn, alfalfa and cereal farms.

Corn crops

Corn, totally absent a few years ago, is becoming an increasingly important crop in Algeria. This is the result of the the combination of two factors: firstly, grain corn is subsidized by the state; and secondly, there is a high demand for silage from dairy companies.

ICS has been the first company to introduce the technique of wrapping for the making of corn silage in Algeria.


The demand for alfalfa is also increasing. Our long experience in this crop, mainly acquired in Sudan and Saudi Arabia allows us to respond optimally to the needs and expectations of farmers in terms of equipment and seeds.

Onion breeding

Not only does ICS work in the southern part of the country, but all over Algeria as well. For example, we have been breeding onions for several years in order to specifically meet the requirements of the Algerian market.

A unique approach of your project

As in all countries in which we operate, we strive to be close to the producers, so to understand the issues and challenges they face in order to propose the best solutions. Our technical teams are based in the area (technicians, consulting agronomists etc.) which guaranties an outstanding support and after-sales service.

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