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The Arabian Peninsula has a predominantly arid climate with most of the region covered by large (Rub alKhali - Empty quarters) and small deserts with harsh summers and mild winters in most places. Until the 70’s, agriculture was traditional with subsistence farming in most of the region.

The late 70’s and early 80’s saw the introduction of modern agriculture with subsidies and aid from the oil rich economies. This helped the introduction of new technologies, newer crops, and expertise from the developed world. From a food importing region it turned into food exporting one. This came at the expense of high cost, depletion of underground aquifers, changes in demography with the induction of expatriate work force.

Today the governments of the region are trying to reduce the negative effects of the above by checking water use, encouraging vegetable farming only in controlled environments, orchard and fruits grown with low water requirement such as with drip irrigation. Traditional sprinkler and center pivot irrigation is on a decline due to regulations introduced to save water.

ICS has been involved in the region for 30 years

ICS has been involved actively from the 80’s in the introduction of newer technologies, crop species (Vegetables such as Onion, Potato etc, Corn hybrids and improved Alfalfa varieties), and the introduction of energy, cost and water saving farm equipment.

The introduction of highly efficient equipment has helped projects to sustain agriculture within the changing government regulations.

A well trained team with decades of experience supervises and carries out sales, service and spare parts supply. Riyadh, capital of KSA serves the regional hub of the Arabian Gulf with good logistics in place. The maintenance team is larger than the sales team in order to provide continuous onsite assistance to our customers. Click here to go to our online support contact form

We supply:


ICS supplies hybrids vegetable seeds such as Onion, Melon (watermelon & sweet melon), Tomato and Carrot seeds, premium potato seeds, high quality forage seeds such as Alfalfa, Rhodes grass, Corn, Sweet corn, sorghum for silage and hay, hybrid grain Corn among others.

All types of farm machinery

ICS supplies all types of farm machinery for land preparation, high quality Pneumatic seed drills for field crops and vegetables, spreading, spraying equipment, harvesting, post harvesting and storage equipment among others.

The emphasis is always on improvement or providing advantages
over existing or older equipment.

High quality dairy feeding equipment
Dairy being an important sector in the region, ICS introduced high quality dairy feeding equipment with large dairies and continue to offer newer equipment towards saving labor and cost.

Time-saving Orchard equipment
With the new and strong emphasis on orchards in the north, ICS introduced labor and time saving orchard equipment, power tools for faster efficient maintenance of the orchard in the wake of strict labor regulations.

Christina Stark and Einar Gudmundsson of Väderstad with Abdulrahman S. Al-Kanhal (Canahill Agri est) during the first Rapid demo in Hail 1997

Satellite view of an agricultural region of Saudi Arabia (Buseita): many ICS clients

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