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Pivot Irrigation

At the root of major projects

ICS has a more than thirty years experience in the implementation, monitoring and development of crops under pivots. This technique has many advantages and pivots are used in numerous major projects in arid or semi-arid conditions.

ICS represents Lindsay, world leaderIn some countries, ICS is the representative of Lindsay, world leader in Center Pivot technology.

The benefits of irrigation under pivot are well established: Longevity of facilities, low servicing and maintenance, savings of both time and energy, uniformity of irrigation, maximized yield and adaptation to major projects.

The optimal exploitation of water resources is the initial and essential step in any agricultural project in hot regions

The specification should consider:

  • Agronomic constraints of different crops
  • The shape and size of the parcel
  • The type and location of water resources, surface or ground water

ICS has accompanied pivot projects in Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Egypt, Mali, Senegal... to water grain, alfalfa, sugar cane, onions, potatoes... and more recently rice !

Center Pivots in Sahara supplied, set-up and maintained by ICS

Design and sizing of the pivots and pumping stations: initial strategic choices that determine the success of your project

ICS offers a complete turnkey solution, from the pump to the pivot.
For the design and support of the project, ICS can rely on the competence of the design office of its subsidiary, Martineau-Irrigation. These are our specialists who will determine the best design of water networks, pumping stations and pivots, enabling pumping and transport of water to the fields at the best cost / reliability ratio.

Alfalfa crop in Sudan with Pivot irrigation

The distance from of the source of water (surface water or ground water) determines the size of the pumping equipment, the price and energy consumption

Beyond technology, we also offer the customer compromises between water supply security and investment costs: a single pump for multiple pivots, a pump per pivot, a backup pump in case of failure, internal combustion motor pumping, electrical pumping?

These compromises are obtained by thorough knowledge of the project, integrating agronomic constraints of the crop, local conditions, the level of investment and production costs.

The partner of your farming projects in Africa & the Middle East