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Parts & Maintenance

Spare parts in stock!

Immobilized agricultural equipment is expensive and ICS maintains larger stocks of spare parts each year to respond to your emergencies.

Our technicians often make visits farms in late autumn to check the condition of machinery and provide the necessary assistance in the selection of parts so that your equipment is fully operational for the coming season.

Our local knowledge and experience with machinery, added to that of our customers, allows us to stock items in the pre-season to meet most customers needs in case of urgent interventions during the growing season.


Maintenance of agriculture machinery is as important as choosing and using the right machines. Without proper and frequent maintenance, agricultural machinery will provide lower output and will be immobilized for longer during repairs.

Our preventive maintenance actions and local assistance conducted through visits to farms and phone calls/emails led many projects to choose material supplied by ICS. ICS technicians visit projects both during the warranty period and after the warranty period for periodical free post seasonal check-ups and advice on spare part needs for the following season in advance. This helps our customers to plan their needs without surprises as most seasonal equipment can’t afford to stop during the season.

Our customers can rely on our technicians support during and after the season, thus relieving them of pressure during the peak of the season.

Most repairs are carried out on site which reduces costs and downtime. When our teams are involved in repairs in sites far removed from our repair centers, ICS charges a fee corresponding to the displacement, duration and type of repair to be made which, in general, remains particularly reasonable.

In special cases such as inadequate facilities on site or the need for extensive repairs in the off season, agricultural equipment can be shipped to ICS maintenance centers.

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