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Mali: the supply of complete projects by ICS

The development of agriculture, a national priority

This country with a semi-arid to arid climate has significant potential in agriculture. ICS it started its business activity in 2010, in partnership with private investors by providing turnkey projects

As in most African countries, the development of the agricultural sector in Mali is a national priority.

ICS, key player in the agricultural development of Mali

Since 2010, ICS has provided active guidance and support for the creation of large mechanized farms. For projects with sizes varying between 100 and 1000 hectares, ICS intervened in the following sectors:

  • Irrigation
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Seeds
  • Storage and post-harvest facilities

Large-scale mechanized farming is relatively new in Mali. In addition to providing agricultural equipment and seeds, ICS has established itself and works with the majority of large farms in Mali.

This success is due to several factors:

  • Supply of high quality equipment and seeds
  • By accompanying the investors before the project (counseling on strategic directions and choices,project design etc ...)
  • After sales service and substantial presence in field
ICS recommends the use of world leader Claas equipment

Cereal harvest with ICS supervision in Mali

ICS recommends the use of world leader Claas equipment

Mechanized farms are concentrated primarily in the area of the Office du Niger, for crops of wheat, rice, corn, onion, potato, alfalfa... Produce is destined for local consumption or for export to other African countries.

We work in northern Mali (production of wheat) in the area of Bamako and also in the south.
The higher rainfall in the south allows working on rainfed systems.

ICS has an office in Bamako with a local team which delivers materials and seeds and is there for all after sales service interventions .

We recommend the use of Grimme Equipment

Potato harvest with ICS in Mali

We recommend the use of Grimme Equipment

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