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Väderstad Rapid seed drill: precision, speed, saving of seeds

Designed in the 90's and continously evolving, the Rapid seed drill has become the world leader amoung high speed drills.

Reliable in all situations

Designed for multi-purpose use, Rapid seed drill is perfectly suited to sow a number of different crops (cereals, alfalfa, sorgho, forage grass), and is a reliable machine in all situations: after plowing, no tillage or simplified tillage.

Rapid is available in various working width: 3, 4, 6 or 8 m.

3 and 4 m wide Rapid models are equipped with a mechanical seed transmission system (using gravity), whereas 6 and 8 m wide models have a pneumatic system.

Rapid can be equipped with various front tools to finish preparing the seedbed:

Lame niveleuse


Le semoir Rapid dispose de 2 rangées de dents Agrilla combinées à une lame niveleuse

2 rows of Agrilla tines in combination with a CrossBoard

Le semoir Rapid dispose de 2 rangées de disques combinés à une lame niveleuse

2 rows of intensively working disks in combination with a CrossBoard

Nutrient placement during drilling

This drill can also be equipped with a fertilizer distributor which inserts nutrients in between the two disks in order to ensure better root development, faster growth and better nutrient use efficiency.

Save up to 50% on seeds!

The ingenuity of the Rapid relies on its outstanding seeding depth control system, even at very high speed and whatever the type of soil, allowing optimum density of plants, and significant seed savings. This is especially the case when the seeds are highly sensitive to sowing depth (alfalfa and grasses). Seed savings can then reach up to 40-50% of what our customers used before: Huge savings when it comes to sowing several thousand acres!

A unique technology for a perfect control of seed depth

It is also quick and easy to adjust, either manually or directly from the cabin.

Rapid has become an essential tool for the success of our customers agricultural projects!

Väderstad Spirit seeder: designed for light or non packed soils

Détail semoir Spirit

Its large load wheels are located between the front soil preparation disks and the seeding unit which is, in turn, followed by individual packing wheels, used to consolidate the seedbed and place the seed at highly regular depth to obtain optimum emergence.

The Spirit Drill exists only as a pneumatic drill. Like the Rapid seed drill, it can be equipped with various front mounted tools as well as fertilizer distributors.

It is also the only drill of the range which comes in a "strip-till" version, allowing sowing and fertilizer application with no tillage.

Perfectly adapted to dry conditions, Seed Hawk direct drills provide outstanding results for a large range of species.

Seed Hawk direct drill's performance allows you to cover more ground more quickly. With toolbar width up to 20 meters, and with minimum tilling, you will save a lot of time.

Moreover, these machines place seeds and fertilizer close to the surface in one pass, with high precision on both even or uneven ground.

Everything is done to guarantee good emergence. The "furrow effect" for instance, inducted by packer wheels, places the seeds in the optimum position for access to fertilizer and moisture.

With a perfect knowledge of Seed Hawk use in arid conditions, the ICS team will help you make the best choice by taking into consideration your specific needs. Seed Hawk has a range of tank sizes and toolbar widths to suit any farm and budget. Tanks can also be used with all kinds of fertilizer: liquid, dry, and anhydrous.

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