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Seed Drills, Planters, Transplanters

for agriculture in arid and tropical areas

The potential of mechanized drilling has transformed vegetable planting in the Middle East. The need for high quality planting to increase yields and respond to labor shortages has helped spread mechanized drilling and planting.

Potato planting

The potato is the largest vegetable which started the use of mechanized planting a long time ago, using simple planters with cups on a belt. This was followed by Belt planters with electronic control for high speed planting.

ICS has always supplied high quality planters from Europe which are heavy duty and onboard equiped with the latest technology.

Potato crop planting in Senegal with a Grimme planter

Vegetable planting: ICS increased yields x 2.5!

When we started to plant onions 20 years ago with Monosem MS Pneumatic Precision Seed-drills, introduced hybrid onion seeds and supported farmers with best crop management practices and field consultancy, their yields compared to the conventional system increased by 2 to 2.5 times!

The average farmer had yields in excess of 100 Mt/ha under central pivot irrigation systems. This helped spread the mechanized planting of all types of vegetables. Soon this success was transfered to Tomatoes, Turnips, Peppers, Carrots, Cabbages among others.

The Monosem MS pneumatic planter has perfect control of seed positioning (depth and spacing between seeds) which is essential in arid and tropical areas. The MS does an excellent job while remaining very simple to adjust. Seed selection or depth control can be adjusted by a single lever. Sowing is thus perfectly under control, even in capping soils because there isn't enough time for the crust to reform before seed burial.


As conditions are not the same everywhere and/or every growing season, there was also the need to use transplanters in order to ensure good crop stand.
Besides, small seed vegetables such as Lettuce, Cabbage, Cauliflower were extremely difficult to properly establish with other types of equipment.

As a result, we started supplying good quality greenhouse planters to drill seeds in trays on potting soil and later when ready, the seedlings were transferred to main fields using transplanters.
We started with a simple transplanter which was then replaced with advanced transplanters which can reach speeds as high as 5000 plants/row/person.

Terradonis® seeders for small farms, low budgets

ICS also supplies the Terradonis® professional range of vegetable planting equipment. These planters offer outstanding performances in Africa and in Europe for small farms and vegetable growers who want to combine low cost and high precision seeding.

Depending on the model, they can be used to plant small vegetable seeds (onion, carrot, cabbage, radish, salades etc.), or bigger seeds such as maize, or beans amoung others.

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