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for large scale farms in Middle-East & Africa

Spraying is an important activity in intensive agriculture due to new diseases and pests occurring every year. Chemical application is a very critical operation, requiring high precision.

A good, properly adjusted sprayer may save up to 20 - 30% of the product value applied, and with better results!
In tropical areas, sprayer performance is also measured by the durability of the equipment (mainly resistance to rough conditions). All sprayers selected by ICS meet these criteria.

The Caruelle Olympia series for example is well known for precision, regularity and homogeneity. Below is a short description of this equipment. A top quality sprayer can not only make your agriculture profitable, also saves on chemical wastage and environmental pollution by using components designed to be safe.

Caruelle Olympia sprayer supplied and maintained by ICS in Saudi Arabia (KSA)


  • 5 filtration levels to lower wraping risks and increase precision
  • Volumetric pump (6 .....)
  • Semi-continuous flow
  • Stainless steel pipes
  • Ceramic KWIX NOZAL nozzles


  • 24, 28, 30, 36 m
  • Boom ends fold independently


  • 2500 l, 3200 l, 4000 l, 6000 l
  • Rinsing tank: 350 l with two filling holes
  • Level control


User choice between three different systems Select'Van, Selector and Selector plus.

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