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Field manure spreaders

for successful farming in arid areas

Good crop management practices call for good soil preparation, selection of varieties resistant to diseases and pests, suitable varieties for a geographic region, efficient crop establishment. Without the above, crop management will prove to be both difficult and expensive.

Unlike growing crops in fertile soils, growing in soils which are poor in organic matter and essential minerals requires a lot of support in terms of enriching the soil both with organic matter and inorganic fertilizer and this, several times during the crop season. Most soils in the region have a negligible amount or no organic matter. However organic waste and compost that can be put to proper use are available in large amounts.

Realizing the potential for organic manure and compost, ICS has introduced composting equipment and good quality manure spreaders from Rolland, imposing it as the leading brand in the region.

Rolland manure spreader in Tabuk

Rolland, a French company specialized in all types of trailers, has spreaders of various capacities, sizes and quality to spread different types of manure and compost. This strong specificity helped ICS make this a leading brand in the region.

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