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Fertilizer spreaders

Key selection for profitable farming in arid areas

The sandy and infertile soils in the Arabian peninsula and Sub Saharan Africa means that soils are mostly devoid of some essential elements. This calls for supplementing the minerals using various methods.

The most common method of application is done using spreaders. This is especially true owing to the fact that large basal doses before or when planting requires bigger spreading capacity in a short time since the planting window is normally small.

ICS Recommendation

ICS has been working with Bredal over most of our operating area and in some places with Sulky. Both are well known brands with a reputation for both the quality of their machines and high precision application.

Large projects in the region depend on Bredal for reliable high volume application, while maintaining low cost of running and precision thus serving customers for decades without major overhauls. The most impressive products of the range for large scale agriculture are the K-series which have medium to very large capacities.

  • Please visit the Bredal website to know more about these equipments
  • www.bredal.com

Sulky has been sold mainly to small farms but also to professional farmers who need small mounted spreaders for high precision application.

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