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CLAAS Tractors

for profitable agricultural projects

ICS has chosen to work with CLAAS, one of the world's leading manufacturers in this sector.

Designed for optimal traction and ease of use

CLAAS tractors are available from 45 HP (the Talos model) up to 500 HP - the XERION Track 5000.
Here are the different models which ICS can suppl::

  • Talos, from 47 to 95 HP

    The Talos is the ideal tractor for Africa, 4WD versions available from 47 to 95 HP.


  • Arion, from 95 to 155 HP

    Divided into 2 different ranges, Arion is the ideal tractor, typically used by medium sized farms (from tillage to harvest), or for pulling tools like fertilizer spreaders, trailed sprayers, hay harvesting, and for vegetable crops on larger farms.


  • Axion, from 172 to 405 HP

    The Axion is the perfect tractor for operations that require traction and / or power: tillage, sowing, forage harvesting with machinery driven by PTO (square balers, large width mowers, etc.).


  • Xerion track, from 400 to 500 HP

    The Xerion Track is a tractor with extraordinary traction thanks to its 4 large wheels of equal size. It is ideal for jobs that require very high traction capabilities: pulling extremely wide tillage tools, grading, etc.

CLAAS Xerion


CLAAS tractors have the CLAAS POWER SYSTEM (CPS). This is a CLAAS brand manufacturing concept which integrates all components of the tractor (engine, transmission, weight distribution, wheels, hydraulics, etc.), in order to optimise the tractor's capabilities.

The result is a perfectly designed tractor, extremely efficient in the fields, and very nice to drive.

The partner of your farming projects in Africa & the Middle East