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A telehandler suited to farm work

For large projects in Africa and the Middle East

For telehandlers, ICS also works with CLAAS, because they are the only manufacturer to have designed a machine that is perfectly suited to agricultural work. There is no doubt that the use of a telehandler is not the same in construction work as it is in agricultural work. In agriculture, working conditions are generally much more dusty, hot, and the engines are in high demand with increased risk of overheating.

The CLAAS SCORPION telehandler range is equipped with a ducted filtered air cooling system in order to limit the infiltration of dust and to improve motor cooling. The risk of overheating is greatly limited, which is a very important point given the arid conditions in which our clients operate.
SCORPION telehandlers can also be equipped with very large section agricultural tires to limit compaction in the field.

  • Loading capacity: 3 T to 5.5 T
  • lift height: from 6 to 9 m

Tthe SCORPION telehandler can be fitted with numerous front implements, the most common of which are:

  • Hay bale fork
  • Pallet fork
  • Strengthened earth bucket
  • High capacity grain buckets
  • Pincer for handling manure
The partner of your farming projects in Africa & the Middle East