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Harvesting olives and orchards

Increases in orchard surfaces and labour shortages means that changes in the traditional ways of harvesting are necessary.

Olives: olive cultivation has seen an increase in the Mediterranean countries due to perceived benefits of adding olive oil to the diet and greater consumer health consciousness. The traditional way of growing olives, with fewer taller trees, is being replaced by intensive or super intensive plantations, irrigation is also replacing rain fed growing.

ICS has found solutions for mechanized harvesting of olives in traditional groves by using high quality, gentle, shaker-harvesters, both tractor mounted for harvesting small to average surfaces and buggy mounted for larger groves with higher speed hence higher capacity harvesting in all conditions.

The Super high density (SHD) plantation of olive groves is on the rise. This calls for full mechanization including harvest, with both self-propelled and pulled machines. Self-propelled machines are limited in the height of the olive trees they can harvest and/or in tank capacity. Besides these drawbacks they have lower forward speed. To counter these shortcomings we are introducing the Pellenc Pulled harvester which has several advantages over existing competitors.

Olive varieties for oil, when harvested using shakers and rakes, require removal of leaves in certain situations. We can supply the full line of equipment with leaf removal and direct truck loading for transport to the factory for oil extraction.

Stone fruit and other orchard crops call for the best logistics at harvest. We supply fruit trailers with automatic loading, bin unloading and larger trailers among other orchard equipment.

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