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Firm lower layers and seedbed, superior leveling

Perfect seed/soil contact

Before sowing, it is important that the different layers are well rolled (without being packed) to ensure a perfect soil/seed and soil/root contact. Germination is improved as well as the exchange of nutrients between the soil and the plant.

Higher germination

A well consolidated seedbed also allows better control of the sowing depth and therefore a higher germination rate (especially in the case of sensitive seeds such as alfalfa or onion), but also a more uniform emergence which is very important for a crop like corn.

Better water use efficiency!

Very firm and well leveled ground allows for better water distribution, especially in countries where irrigation needs are important. Cultivation will be more regular and productive.
It is therefore not necessary to work the soil in depth (5-7 cm is sufficient), if the lower layers show no signs of compaction, or if a subsoiler (for loosening) was previously used.

ICS recommends

We recommend using the Väderstad Carrier. With aggressive discs and a heavy rear roller it permits the preparation of fine seed beds, the incorporation of previous crop residues into the top centimeters of soil, and it firmly packs the seedbed.

Carrier has the advantage of having a very precise depth control system and thus leaves very homogeneous soil (no areas are more deeply cultivated, thus drying the soil unevenly) and avoids bringing deep weed seeds up to the surface, preventing their germination and crop invasion.

Soil consolidation also prevents evaporation and loss of soil humidity (highly important in arid areas), and stimulates the germination of weeds present in the surface layer, which are then easily destroyed before planting (false planting technique).

Carrier can also be equipped with grader blades (Crossboard), front harrows (to distribute the stubble of the previous crop) or the "Crosscutter" that can shred an intermediate crop or larger residues.

Moreover, the discs are fixed on the Carrier on independent arms, themselves mounted to the main frame via a rubber suspension system, which greatly reduces impacts and the wear of the machine, as compared to a classic disc harrow. The bearings of the rollers themselves are also mounted on rubber shock absorbers. Shocks absorbed by the machine and the wear thereof is thus greatly reduced.

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