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Destroy residues and provide conditions adapted to each crop

Light tillage is not always the best suited. Indeed, for some crops, like potatoes, it is important to create relatively fine soil to a relatively large depth (about 20-25cm). In this case robust tine machines are able to prepare the soil in a minimum of passes.

ICS recommends

TopDown by Väderstad is the perfect machine in this case. Combined with the deep work of its strong tines, front disks are used to shred the residue from the previous crop and thus work in a single pass. These leveling disks and a rear roller leave perfectly level and regular soil.

Väderstad TopDown for quality tillage

In case of fewer crop residues

If crop residues are almost nonexistent, a heavy tine tool may suffice.

We recommend Cultus or Opus by Väderstad (which also have leveller disks and a packing roller).

Väderstad Cultus tool in action in Sudan

When crop destruction is difficult

In other cases, if the culture in place is difficult to destroy (crops with strong root systems), the use of a conventional cover crop tool is often a very good solution.

We work in this case with two major French manufacturers (Grégoire Besson and Razol), who have the advantage of providing well designed and very robust machines.

Chisel from Grégoire-Besson

Specific situations

Some crops may require specific tools, also referenced by ICS:

  • Powered tools and bed formers for carrots or other vegetable crops
  • Furrowers for crops irrigated by surface irrigation
  • Very heavy cover crop tools, with large diameter disks (91cm), for sugarcane
  • Contact us for special needs
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