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High-Performance Grain Harvesting

Corn, wheat, sunflower...

The harvest is a fundamental step in all agricultural projects. The machines used must be adapted to the different needs of the farm.

Preliminary questions to ask before buying equipment are systematic and none should be overlooked:

  • What is the surface area to be harvested?
  • What is the desired work rate?
  • What are the climatic and soil conditions at harvest time?
  • What is the strength and complexity of the different models?

These questions allow ICS to guide you in choosing the right model: either Dominator, Avero, Tucano or Lexion

ICS recommends

ICS works with CLAAS, manufacturer of combine harvesters for over 75 years and the industry's world leader. CLAAS has a wide range of harvesters that can meet the needs of small, medium and large farms in Africa and the Middle East.

Combine harvesters

CLAAS became world leader in Africa thanks to the DOMINATOR combine harvester, well-known for its robustness and simplicity of use. Today, CLAAS is world leader on large scale farms with the LEXION model, the largest combine harvester in the world with cutterbars in width up to 12m!

Our selection of combine harvesters for your project:

    Remote, small or medium size farms

    This historical model has limited technology which makes it perfectly suitable for small and medium size farms with low qualified staff. It is a robust harvester, versatile and very easy to use. Maintenance is also reduced to a minimum which makes it the perfect machine for isolated farms.

    Cutterbars in width up to 4.5m are available. It can also be equipped with various front tools (4 rows corn heads, pick-up etc.).

for remote, small or medium size farms

DOMINATOR Combine Harvester

for remote, small or medium size farms

    The entry-level new generation CLAAS combine harvester, perfectly fitted to small and medium size farms. Equipped with the APS threshing and separation system, it gets the job well done with 20% better performance than previous models.

APS technology facilitates 20% better performance

AVERO Combine Harvester

APS technology facilitates 20% better performance

    CLAAS TUCANO combine harvesters are mid-range products. More technology, more productive, we usually recommend these grain harvesters for larger farms. They are avilable with cutterbars in width 5,4m up to 9m.

More performance for larger farms

TUCANO Combine Harvester

More performance for larger farms
    Major projects, demanding users

    LEXION combine state of the art technology with outstanding performance levels. They are the world's largest and most productive combine harvesters and are perfect for demanding users: onboard technology takes control of harvest to the next level with numerous sensors and the TELEMATIC system which brings real-time complete monitoring of harvest (position, yield, available fuel, grain loss etc.).

    LEXION are available with cutterbars width up to 12m!

Outstanding performance for major agricultural projects

LEXION Combine Harvester

Outstanding performance for major agricultural projects


Different specific heads are available at CLAAS for crops such as rice (special rice head) and soybeans (Flex cutter bar).

For corn and sunflower we recommend Capello heads.

Capello corn header

Corn: QUASAR model, fixed or folding version, 4 to 12 rows for corn. The QUASAR harvesters can be equipped with grinders.
Sunflower: Helianthus Model

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