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Harvesting peanuts

Mechanical harvesting of peanuts takes place in two steps and requires two separate devices.

The first phase is pulling up the roots. Digger windrowers dig the peanuts, turn them over (peanuts up and leaves down) and form a windrow. At this stage, the peanuts are still wet and should be allowed to dry in the field.

The second step is threshing which can be done with trailed or self propelled machines. The residues are scattered on the ground.

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Harvesting beans

Mechanized harvesting of beans also takes 2 steps. First, one must mow and windrow the beans. The machines require a tractor equipped with a front coupling or inverted workstation.

Then threshing can be done with a combine harvester equipped with a conventional cutting bar and belt pickup to pick up the windrows of beans.

Sugar beet harvesting in Egypt
Sugar beet harvesting in Egypt
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